Coyote Cafe


Quinn Stephenson
Owner and Master Mixologist

The Coyote Cafe Story

Coyote Café, garnered a world-wide following on the international cuisine scene because of its creative menu and wide range of amazing Modern Southwestern Cuisine it has been offering to patrons since 1987.

A landmark restaurant in Santa Fe, NM, for 30 years this year, the Coyote Café was established originally by uber famous Chef Mark Miller. Miller was instrumental in delivering contemporary Southwestern cooking to restaurant scene in the 1980’s. The restaurant was sold by Miller in 2008 to General Manager Tori Mendes, sommelier Quinn Stephenson and Chef Eric DiStefano.

Today the Coyote Cafe is owned solely by Quinn Stephenson. Quinn and Executive Chef Eduardo

Rodriguez bring in fresh ideas and delicious dishes with a creative eye and new viewpoint, making Coyote Cafe a dining destination you need to come enjoy when visiting beautiful historic Santa Fe, New Mexico.